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How Much Did We Buy in 2009 from China and Beyond?
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Written by Barry Simon   
Thursday, 15 April 2010 17:02

Here it is tax day.  I was just wondering how much each of us spent on clothes, gadgets, laptops, other computers, food, fans, and more that were made in China?  It would probably be many billions.  What would happen if half or evena quarter of those dollars shifted to American companies selling products Made in the USA.  Wow, would that be a boost to our economy, and to jobs for people out of work?

Myself, I'm a label reader.  It frustrates some people when they are with me because I don't want to buy something made in China, or Viet Nam, or any communist country or dictatorship.  I guess that's narrow thinking on my part.  Maybe it's not dealing with reality. 

Did you ever go looking for a winter coat?  Almost all of them are made in China, a few in Viet Nam, and none in the USA---at least not in department stores.

How about computers?  Are there any made in the USA?  Even the ones made in Japan are actually made in China.  Now China is sending a lot of their work to Viet Nam also.

So, what's the solution?  Look for Made in America, Made in the USA, etc., on this web site, and Google to find more, since we are in our early stages of development.  Let me know what products you find and like, and write something on our Forum section or contact me directly.  Be sure and register by clicking above on Register to become a member.  It's Free!

May you will find some outstanding products that are US Made, and you will tell others about them through this web site, and you will tell your friends. 

Happy hunting.

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