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Making Healthy Choices
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Written by Courtney Turner   
Friday, 18 February 2011 00:00

Courtney "Q" Turner - Aquasana Social Media DivaIntroducing Courtney "Q" Turner

I'm one of those people who can honestly say that I really love my job. Working for Aquasana, promoting quality water filters and healthy choices, I get to honor my own ethics and help people! I live what I do, too, always carrying water with me and ordering it in restaurants: not to be "good" or trendy, but because I actually like it.

And let me tell you, there are degrees of liking water, and degrees of healthy water. I was a big proponent of bottled water for a long time, until I realized it's just not worth the price for (often) tap water-quality water. My tap water didn't taste that great, so I've now moved on to filtering my water (even before I started working for Aquasana, as luck would have it), and I will never go back. It's cleaner, it tastes better, it's healthier, and it's cheaper.

And the more I learn about the pitfalls and perils of water choices—from bottled water woes, recycling issues, health and safety concerns, and water options—the more I want to spread the word and educate people on what they're drinking. And the fact that Aquasana filter systems are made here in the US just makes me feel warm and fuzzy and patriotic all over.

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