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Dealing with Dragons
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Written by Courtney Turner   
Wednesday, 30 March 2011 10:59

Six years have passed since Hurricane Katrina ravaged the southern coast of the US and devastated New Orleans, a US center of culture and soul. It’s been nineteen years since Hurricane Andrew slammed into the west coast of Florida and ruined so many lives. Americans are no strangers to dealing with the dragons of the natural world: weathering the storm, then picking up the pieces, taking stock and rebuilding.

The American spirit and ability to regroup and regenerate have stood us in good stead over the years, I’d say.

So it’s time to lend a little of that strength to our brothers and sisters battling dragons in Japan.

The catastrophes in Japan, both the earthquake/tsunami and the nuclear plant crisis, will impact their country far more than Hurricanes Katrina or Andrew affected the US. The effect of the lives and livelihoods that they have lost will ripple through the months and years to come, and I can only offer my most heartfelt prayer that they suffer the least amount of loss and damage possible under the circumstances.

To all our brothers and sisters battling dragons in Japan: Our hearts and thoughts are with you. Be well and safe, and all our best to you and your families.

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