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Why Not Buy American?
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Written by Barry Simon   
Wednesday, 01 April 2009 21:47

Many people you talk to these days say that every time they go shopping for clothes or electronics, the labels all say made in China or some other non-US country. Does it really make any difference where something comes from? For some it may, for me it does. Please consider some of these thoughts.

Department stores are besieged with items from Thailand, Viet Nam, Brazil, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Columbia, China and others. Part of the reason for this growing phenomenon is globalization, the Internet, and out-sourcing. Of course, greed and the pursuit for greater profits also enter into the equation. Thus, as we continue down this path, it should be asked if we are putting money before the safety and betterment of our citizens.

We have been hearing a lot about China: the Olympics, a devastating earthquake, toys containing lead, tainted dog food and seafood being recalled, demonstrations for freedom in Tibet, and much more. In January 2008 alone, there were 22 recalls in the United States of products from China. Is there any oversight on these products? Oversight and regulatory practices are significantly different from country to country.

Also, foreign countries often have different value systems than ours, particularly, communist countries. For example, reporting the truth, which we consider being simple and obvious is not always the standard. After a recent conversation with a friend, who works closely with a professor from China, I learned quite a bit about how this is done in China. One of the items discussed was the recent Chinese earthquake that took place in an area the size of Philadelphia. 12 million people live there. It appears that the figures on the number that perished have been grossly understated. Initial reports released by the Chinese government indicated that 30,000 perished, whereas it had been known from the beginning that the figure was closer to 100,000, if not more. At the time of the writing of this article, the toll stands at over 50,000.

So, what does this have to do with buying American made products? Well, when we buy products from a foreign country, we are effectively supporting that country. Thus, we support that country’s economy, unfair labor practices, lack of safety standards, minimized value for human life, and its military (particularly, communist countries). We also help to put American companies out of business. This includes American workers---our neighbors, our friends, and our family members.

How can we help our country? Buy American. How do we find American made products? It’s quite easy: just “Google it.” Put in “Made in USA”, “Made in America” or “American Made”, and you will find many, many options. I trust you will find our site, www.iBuyUSmade.com to be a positive part of that process.  I also recommend two other web sites with these products and more information: www.buyamerican.com and www.buydirectusa.com.



0 #3 donnainmt 2010-11-07 07:54
Brightideas, only what we heard on the news a month or two ago.
0 #2 Barry Simon 2010-11-06 01:04
Very interesting thoughts. Do you have anymore information on bed bugs being "imported" from China?
0 #1 donnainmt 2010-10-24 11:59
Thank you for this site. I also prefer buying USA made. Not only do we keep our businesses going at home, but our products aren't buggy! Not only do we encounter issues with lead and mercury from imported products, but most recent are the bedbug issues!!! WHO WANTS TO BRING HOME BEDBUGS? I remember my grandmother talking about epidemics of them in days past and they were like living nightmares! Thank God for our

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