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American Flags Made In the USA
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Written by Barry Simon   
Wednesday, 01 April 2009 22:41

Recently the Governor of Wisconsin announced that all government offices are to buy only American flags made in the USA.

You would think that this would be a "no-brainer", but not in the popular climate of today which is “buy it at the cheapest price no matter what” mentality.

Apparently, millions of dollars are being spent each year buying our US flags from overseas vendors.

At iBuyUSMadeiBuyUSMade.com we aim to help put an end to such lunacy. We applaud the actions of Wisconsin's Governor Jim Doyle, and encourage you to do the same. Make sure your American flags are made in the USA and encourage your state government to do what not just Wisconsin, but many other states are doing by requiring US-made American flags. Here are two sources found on a quick search for US-made American flags - www.flagstoreusa.com and www.annin.com.

In other happenings, last night, I witnessed something quite fascinating. Friends of mine were in the process of getting work done on their home. They had gotten various bids, and they were expecting another company to arrive shortly. What was fascinating was that this company gave a low key presentation without pressure regarding how their product and service stacked up against their competitors. They compared their products, their agreements, their services and their guarantees.

Since I was observing, I asked where there products were made. They said in Columbus, Ohio, the Crane Siding Company. Wow, it was high quality and Made in the USA! The company was Power Windows & Siding, Brookhaven, PA.

Conclusion: It is still possible to get excellent products Made in the USA.

Have a great day,


P.S. March & April specials from Fuller Brush & Stanley home products for your barbecue, awnings, car, home & personal care are available at www.FullerDirect.com/0802662. 400 products of which the vast majority are Made in the USA.


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